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Eyes behind the camera…

May 21, 2010

Our next assignment was a Character Film, to tell a story with no interviews. Called direct cinema, I had to choose a person and follow her or him.

For this documentary, I chose to shoot my mother, a court interpreter. We were a crew of two and followed her on her daily routine, to record life “as it happens”.

I wrote the story I wanted to tell, I prepared the shoot list, I got the required authorizations to film in the District Courts and we went on our trip to Massachusetts…

Here is the work schedule :

Pre-production : February 10 to February 19

Shooting in Boston : February 20 to February 23rd

Editing : March 8 to April 4th

Anna, my faithful friend was there with me, helping. We shot with two cameras. What a lesson! We learned a lot on the fly. Color & light settings must be exactly the same: white balancing done at the same time and the IRIS opening set at the same level. For camera position and sound synchronization, a special attention is needed.

It was an amazing experience! What an incredible feeling! The camera give us the opportunity to be in all these places as if we were not there… Looking through the camera viewfinder, I forget that I am in the room; I have the impression that I am behind a TV or a computer screen.

We experience something we would not see in our daily lives. It gives us the chance to open a door to another world and share it with others.

“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.”

Dorothea Lange

Here some photos took by Anna Larsson :

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The film is called “Much more then just words…”

Soon in your computer screen. Rendez-vous in a few days in this site.


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